This website offers an insight into the Scottish School Exam papers, from 1888 to 1963, which have yet to be explored or presented to the public. You will get a first glimpse into the history of the Scottish educational system and the changes that have occurred through time. What kind of topics did students get examined on? How is Scotland represented in the papers? How about women? What textbooks are in this bag? The 1888 student bag contained textbooks for 12 subjects, distributed in three different areas: languages, math and sciences. Shakespeare is the most common writer in the exam papers. The crown represents the frequency of Shakespeare. His work is in almost each year’s exam. Students should be very familiar with him. This graph visualized the frequency of the word “Scotland”. It is increasing and peaked in 1953. It featured the degree of localization.
The scottish cities in the exam.
The size of the bubble represents how many times the city was mentioned in the particular year. Most of the major cities are referred to in the exam papers, e.g. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, etc. and Edinburgh is in a dominant position.
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